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Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary

essentially you say this when you relate to/agree with someone or something. its similar to for real (fr) in the way that people would say i *insert action here* fr on tiktok and twitter. it is said in the comment sections of tiktoks or in therepostmessages of reposts you find on your for you page (fyp) on tiktok.

TL;DRwhen someone says something you agree with you would respond with real.

guy 1: i like watching little kids atand fall on their uglyfaces

Often used by someone to describe themselves as genuine or authentic. It is perhaps the most overused andgeneric wordin current use, rendering it almost meaningless.Browseanypersonalsadvertisements and every other person who lacks a sufficiently descriptive vocabulary will describe themselves as real.

1.adv: The action of being true to the code ofethicsof ones self, culture, and environment. ie:keep it real

2.n: Anenhanced, extreme, version of reality that usually alludes to a violent existence.

1.I beatup my teacher cuz he was wearing the wrong colors. You know Ikeep it real

2. Shit getsmad realover in Iraq

A Tribe Called Questis real, most otherrapperstoday arent.

The act of being emotionallyfinishedwith someone or somethingto the pointofviolence.

You, bfore it gets realup in here

Used by students of theMercedesclass of2006. Itevolvedfrom the use of sarcasm. i.e. When someone says something that is unfavourable, the response is real.

Person 1: We have to stay behind after school until we finish our assignment!

Person 2: Real! Like were gonna do that

Principal: If anyone is involved in vandalising the school on muck-up day, they will not be allowed to sit their exams here.